{Tutorial Tuesday} Framed Wall Art

posted on: Tuesday, October 19, 2010

For months I have been looking for a cool frame with intricate details on it. I have scoured thrift stores, pawn shops, antiques barns--you name I have been there. I told myself  that I would only buy the frame if it was in good condition and cheap. The "good condition" has not been a problem. However, the cheap factor has become a relative term because old frames are such a hit these days.

My waiting finally paid off when I found this beauty at a thrift store. I was even more estatic because I bought it on "Half-off Day" so I got the frame for $2.50. Amazing. Hunk rolled his eyes as I walked out of the store carrying this honkin' frame, but I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

Look at the detail. Isn't it amazing? Yeah, that what I thought too.
So how did I turn this frame from drab into fab? Well, if you remember the tutorial on spray painting the turquoise end table then you will follow those exact steps. 
First, I primed the frame using Kilz Primer. Don't bother buying any other type. I have tried them all and Kilz rocks.  
While, the primer dried I took a paper mache block letter that I had laying around the house and I traced out a "B" on fabric. Important: make sure to paint the edges and back side of the letter, since the fabric with only cover the front portion. I ended up using Mod Podge to attach the fabric to the letter. Easy. Easy. Easy.
Once the primer was dry I then sprayed Krylon Ivory spray paint onto the frame. After running a few errands, eating some chow, wrangling punk, and having FHE with my hunk's crazy fam. (They are crazy, but amazing). I then came home to a dry frame which could then be glazed.
The picture, below shows what the frame should look like after the glazing. If you don't remember how to glaze, well then head on over to All Things Thrifty to see my favorite glazing tutorial.
After the frame and letter had dried I then hung them up in the hallway by punk's room. Here is a little trick that I used for hanging up the "B". Initially I thought I would hang the "B" using ribbon. I didn't like the ribbon, well to be honest, I didn't like the color and I was too lazy to go to the store.
Soo, I used a screwdriver to punch a hole in the back of the "B," I then found the middle point on the wall, stuck in a nail, and then hung the "B."  Very easy, but I am sure I will drive Hunk insane when he gets home. Don't tell him, but it "only" took five tries to finally get the "B" where I wanted it. 
Now, we have something nice to look at--instead of a "blah" wall.
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  1. I love what you did with the frame! It's so fun to take something old and give it new life.



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