Remember the day of your birth? Hopefully you don't.....awkward....

posted on: Thursday, February 17, 2011

So Hunk turns 27 today. Not a big milestone, but I would say that it is one step closer to 30, and it also  means a few less hairs on his noggin.

muah. Ha. Ha.  silence.

Well The Mr. isn't much a birthday person anymore...I think age is playing a factor with that issue. I, personally, would still be celebrating my birthday at Chucky Cheese if it didn't seem creepy. Hunk on the other hand would be fine sharing his birthday with a Pepsi and a juicy steak. lame-o.

So this morning I woke up bright and early and made him breakfast. I actually made him his favorite breakfast to be exact. Bacon, hashbrowns covered in bacon grease, and eggs lightly coated in bacon grease and butter. He is a very conscious you can tell. To top it off--a nice bubbly glass of Cherry Pepsi, I am telling you folks we really really follow the socially acceptable eating trends in our house.

I told him that because it was his birthday I had free rein to take lots of pictures of him...he opted for the James Bond sultry pose for most of the pictures....or maybe it was the, "my mouth is full of food and if this wasn't so delicious I would reach over this counter and break that camera." Still not sure what look he was going for...

So because we are all friends, right? I thought I would share all of Hunk's big, deep, dark secrets.


Here are a "must know's" about my favorite man.

He had a crush on my little sister before we EVER started dating. true story.
The first time we met he was helping sis paint my bathroom. awkward.
He loathes vegetables but will eat raw broccoli. blehk!
His prized possession is (me...sometimes) and a baseball signed by Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle
He is secretly an amazing dancer.
Hunk can sing "Bust a Move"
He is fluent in Spanish...
His favorite TV show is Chuck
He once snuck onto a golf course and went ice fishing on their pond. yeah, he is a real criminal.
He watches more TV during March then during the rest of the year combined...
He won't go for walks around the the block, but he will go up the side of a mountain in a heart beat.
He's a candy junky...and Pepsi junky...and chip junky.
He is a great gift giver....except for the deep fat fryer for my 1st Mother's Day. hmmmm.
He has participated in The Rose Bowl Parade.
He is a genius when it comes to the scriptures
snores. a lot.
Really good at math.
Enjoys spending money 'bout as much as I do.
Has three sisters and three brothers
Proposed to me....twice
Loves winter
But loves Punk and me more. hopefully.

Happy Birthday Babe!!


  1. aww happy birthday to your man!

    I need to hear more about BOTH the proposals! omg!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. Bahahahaha! I didn't remember that John was helping me paint the bathroom. FUUUUNNNNY.

    ...and, yeeahh...about those two proposals. That would be a fun blog post. Haha. Or not.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hunk! He has good taste(you,scripture,bacon grease,and "Chuck!" what could be wrong?)

  4. A little late in posting this, but just read it. The 17th is my b-day, too (although, double the number for my ultrasaurus years). I LOVE my birthday. I have always dragged family members hither and yon to celebrate with me; it helped being the oldest and being able to bully my little brothers.) It always works best if I invite everyone over, cook like crazy and feed everyone (funny how that works.)

    Anyway, please tell Mr. Hunk I wish a belated happy day. He's an Aquarius. He HAS to be perfect.


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