He ate what? really..

posted on: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So Punk is tough. Really. He was a preemie, and I think that any baby that is born prematurely is inherently hearty and for the rest of their lives they will have that stubborn toughness in them. I mean look at Punk, he fell out of a stroller when he was wee little one. He cried--I cried, we both lived through the ordeal. Punk has also had his share of face plants off the bed, head on collisions with the dresser, rug burns on the carpet floor, slippery falls in the bathtub, and fingers smashed beneath the weight of his own toys, full blown face plants into the pavement, run in's with nasty cats, tumbles off the couch, and belly slides down the stairs.

Let's be real. ALL of our kids have done these things, right? If your kid hasn't suffered through one of these events, let me know....I would love to know your secret recipe for success. HA. HA.

So yesterday, during my spray painting day. Yeah, remember that day? It is all kind of a blur to me...funny, wonder why? muahahahaha.  So while I was letting some of my "projects" dry, Punk did the unthinkable...
 He somehow got the entry way door open and waddled his little Huggie butt into the garage where he found the white paint I was using on the vase. And he proceeded to track white paint and the lovely paint saturated sponge throughout the house.

NOW, the pictures don't show the whole story.

When I realized what he had done and it crossed my mind for a split minute second to grab my camera and take pictures.  However, I knew Hunk would never let me live it down if he found out that I took pictures BEFORE trying to clean up the mess.

So I scrambled, first to check Punk's mouth. Because when I found him he was sucking on the sponge. Lovely, just lovely. Then I tried my hardest to clean the paint off the walls, doors, steps, carpet, and tile floors. 

 Can you see the leftover remnants of the paint sandwich he enjoyed?
 So after I threw away a bran-spankin' new outfit that he had been wearing, I sat him on the bed and said, "No!  we don't eat paint." (....weird, I never thought that would be something I would need to tell him).  He laughed. I scolded again, and he finally got the point.

 Then I knew I couldn't stare at the puppy dog eyes so I cuddled my paint-lovin monster and fed him some real food to hopefully wash down the taste of Valspar Interior Flat White...and his goofy smile came right back.
So, while Valspar white is not the best thing for Punks to eat I think it added the perfect touch to this platter. Come back tomorrow to see what I used to make the cute flower pattern on this tray...it's kind of an awesome idea.

Not to brag or anything....


  1. Oh my, that certainly is something you wouldn't think you'd ever have to say, but that's the life of a mother :) I'm like you, I get the camera ;)

  2. O.M.G..... I just laughed so hard! What a little stink! This is SO something Brighton would do... How did you get the paint off? I am glad he is okay! And that pic of him in his diaper with the little pucker lips.... Presh!

  3. Oh man thats pretty funny. Im a frequent babysitter and ive been through my share of "WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING?"s haha Can't wait to see what my (future) kids get into.

    And i love the tray. the suspense is killing me! :)

  4. I know a boy who drank the mercury from a thermometer and was fine (he's 21 now).
    Also, I witnessed the following conversation between two mothers:
    mother A: my kids just don't stop! where do you take their batteries out?
    mother B: my son once pooped a battery. although, that was after he had eaten it.

    So, no, you're not alone :) love the tray, btw :)

  5. Punk just brought back memories of the day my little man and little lady (twins) decided to tag team me when they were 2. Little man popped a cloth diaper in the potty, little lady ran down the hall, little man disappeared when I told him "we don't flush our diapers down the potty, that's a no no!" After plunging for some time, it became VERY quiet. I then heard what sounded like little tinkling bells...and then realized they had gotten to the christmas tree ornaments. I ran out to scold again, it was too late. They decided the pretty red balls looked just like apples...and ate the glass ornaments. They were ok, but those darn kids!!!
    I'm glad Punk survived to give you more grief.

  6. Oh, gosh! You have just begun the adventure! Keep your good humor - it will serve you well in the future! Jamie V

  7. Hilarious! I will have to email you this picture I have that this story reminded me of. You'll love it! xoxox punk:)

  8. The wierdest things have come out of my mouth while scolding my children! Who'da thunk it?! And I totally feel you on the preemie thing, my oldest is one of the toughest kids around these parts!


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