butts, birds, and swings...

posted on: Thursday, July 21, 2011

Yes, they all have something in common.

Today, I replaced crappy bums with bare bums, lots of sun, hungry birds, and hystarical laughter while flying through the air on the swing with my Punk.

This afternoon was a special treat because we got to hang out by the pond near the place I lived in college. This place brings back lots of memories, some sad, some happy.

I learned how to iron clothes (properly) here.

I made my first turkey here.

I cried over boyfriends here.

I met Hunk here.

I learned how to unthaw pipes here.

I had sleepovers here.

I had my first Hawaiian Christmas tree here.

I paid my first rent here.

I found myself here.

I got proposed to twice here (both by Hunk).

So this place is kind of special and I hope that I can now start new memories here with Punk.
shirt: downeast basics, circa 2010 necklace: spunky junky

I want him to remember flying through the air.
I want him to remember bouncing across the trail in his stroller.
I want him to remember to ignore the signs and still go ice fishing with his Daddy.
I want him to remember that this is where his Dad proposed to his Momma.
I want him to remember feeding the noisy geese and ducks...
I want him to remember that all the scraps and bruises he got will always be signs of all the fun he had that day.
 And when he is not on the swings and feeding the ducks I want him to look back and cringe at all the naked pictures of took of him today, because...

Punk is happiest when he can run around with his bum and man business flowing in the breeze. He is also prone to pee on the sidewalks, I am fine with that until he tries to play in the puddle he created...


But these are all memories that I would love us to remember!
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FYI...tomorrow is the last day to win the Ultimate Body Applicator Skinny Wrap!

The end.


  1. My son is the same!! He loves to go around naked!!

  2. Why have I never been to your blog before?! Your writing is so captivating- your crappy Drs. visit story had me rolling! Thrilled to be your newest follower :) Hope to keep in touch with you thru the future!

  3. That is so cute! I love little tiny naked bums:) Halsey, you are so funny! I love love your blog!!

  4. That bare little bum so ADORABLE!!! Beautiful story and pics :)

  5. Very cool to be able to recapture memories and pass them on!

    Isn't it great that they give us so much ammunition for their cranky teenage years? Too easy!


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