A little too much...

posted on: Thursday, July 28, 2011

I took on a little too much this week and usually when that happens it comes back to bite me in the bum cheeks.

Speaking of bum cheeks I went to the chiropractor yesterday because my pants have felt like they were hanging to one side. I should have known it would turn out bad when I used a coupon (cut out of the newspaper) to visit this (will remain nameless) establishment.

As the chiropractor performed his voodoo medicine which consisted of me holding viles of minerals to my chest, he ran his hands up and down my body mumbling, "liver, heart, lungs, pancreas, mumble. mumble. mumble." Then he had me raise my hands and squawk like a chicken.


Once he was finished with my examination, he said, "Your lady parts aren't working right." My response, "Well, that's lovely." I would usually pay my GYNO for that type of consultation...

End result. My pants are still hanging across my left bum cheek.


I took on a lot this week.

I have had a few emails asking me why all my lovelies in my farmers market booth aren't up for grabs in my etsy shop.

I have been so busy trying to restock for the farmer's markets every week that I haven't had time to make duplicates (yet). I also decided that I would take on an additional third farmer's market every week so I am now scrambling just to shower regularly (shaving has become optional).


But I pinky promise that as soon as farmer market season is over I will stock the shop with all of my lovelies. Including my oh so favorite rufflers!

So while there is no tutorial or divine words of wisdom today I will leave you with this...

My massive amount of laundry that is puked stained because Punk has found it necessary to puke on every single item of clothing today, as well as every couch cushion, every bed, every rug, and every inch of his momma's body this mornin'.

My mantra. 

I think laundry breeds on it's own... 



  1. Hahahaha! laundry blah, I love this post,you are so funny!

  2. This post had me cracking up! <3 it!

  3. LOL! I'm preparing for my first craft show and my laundry room looks a lot like yours now! Oh well!!
    I love your display and I just came home from Goodwill where I got some light blue fabric for the table...kind of like yours!!

  4. Confess, you are the love child of Superman and Wonder Woman aren't you. Deep breaths and hang in there. Good luck on your pants issue!


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