Tutorial: Limetini Ice Cream

posted on: Monday, July 25, 2011

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Country Chic Cottage's Beach Bash!
I live in Montana so the closest beach is, well, 734 miles away. So we don't get very "beachy" around here.

We do have our own "beach"  in town. But. it. ain't. no. beach.

trust me.

Even though we don't get to enjoy the salty aroma of sea water or the warm feel of sand between our toes we do love to enjoy the nice cold satisfaction of summer refreshments!

One of my favorites is a little dish I call Limetini Ice cream.

Years ago I had something similiar, but I forgot the exact recipe so I had to come up with my own concoction, which is a-mazing!

To make your own limitini ice cream you will need:

Vanilla or Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Margarita Mix--Lemon Lime and/or Strawberry Lime
Mint Leaves
And most importantly--your Par-tay Pants!

We go virgin style because we don't drink, but I am sure if you wanted to you could add your own "special" ingredient.
Usually when I make this refreshment I fill the blender with 1 1/2 cups of margarita mix, two mint leaves, and then I top it off by filling the blender half full with ice.

I usually only use the "chop ice" option on my blender because I don't want the ice to become liquidified. I know I am finished chopping when all the ice has a nice shaved ice consistency to it.

Once the ice has been chopped I then scoop ice cream into glasses, top them with my margarita mix, and then add a final mint leaf as a garnish!

Simple. Easy. Fun. Refreshing!

Now the only good way to enjoy your beautiful limetini or strawtini ice cream is while laying back in a lawn chair, drink in hand, soaking up the afternoon rays, while reading Spunky Junky on your lap top!


Thanks for stopping by and if you want to join me I am partying here!



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