Edward Scissorhands...

posted on: Monday, August 1, 2011

Lately I have been so consumed with motherhood, work, and day-to-day activities that I have kind of let myself go.

Oh my gosh saying that makes me sound so old. hahahaha.


More specifically, I have let my hair go.

It's become so unmanagable that it is not uncommon for my hair to stay pulled back in a ponytail for days--I'm pretty certain that Edward Scissorhands would be in heaven if he had a chance to cut my hair.  

Told ya...

So last week I had my sis-in-law work her magic on my hair, she's a miracle worker I tell ya.

Two hours later, lots of dye, and 30 minutes under the "heat" machine made me presentable enough for Hunk to take me out in public.

And my sweet sis-in-law also added a little somethin' somethin' to make my hair hip and cool.

I hear feathers are the new rage, Hunk says I look like a peacock. Obviously, we have different ideas when it comes to fashion sense.


I think I may also regret posting this picture in the morning too.


  1. You look adorable. Shiny hair! Wahoo!

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. Bahahaha!!! I wish I had taken before photos of my hair last February, I almost wanted a haircut before I went and got a haircut I was SO embarrassed really... but I came out looking like a super model... I am not back to resembling your before photo. I love LOVE that feather extensions those are so adorable! you look great!!!

  3. HEY HOTTIE! love love love it, I'm dying for a feather in my hair too!!

  4. Laughing my butt off. Yes, it's at your expense, but I needed a good laugh, so you did your community service for the day. :o) The "after" is really cute. I've been seeing those feathers everywhere too. Fun, fun.

  5. You look fantastic! I look like photo number 1. Making an appt today!

  6. Super cute! I have the feather too. Daegan says the same thing. They have no idea what is cute....

  7. Okay, just answered my own question. You look like one hot mama with your new hair! AND I love the feather extension. I just found out about them from my graphic design client (a hair stylist) and might have to get myself one. But, I bet Pretty Handsome Guy will say something similar as Hunk.

    How long do they last? And how do you care for them?



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