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posted on: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I've been overwhelmed.

It's nothing that can't be cured by a little bit of ice cream and some Grey's Anatomy though.

We've been making a lot of big changes around here--some for the better, some I'm still not quite sure about.
While I feel that I am pretty easy going when it comes to change; it's the decision-making process that often leaves me dazed and confused.

I am one of those people that will buy four bags of chips when I am at the grocery store because I can't decide on just one flavor--the same may be true for ice cream, shoes, and chocolate...


I also must confess. One of the hardest choices has been blogging.

As you may have noticed my posts have been more limited and less creative-like in the past few months.


Last summer Hunk started a new job--which we are so thrilled about.

He is now a CFO at a small hospital--I call him a big deal, he rolls his eyes and scoffs.

While we love the experience he is gaining and the opportunities that await us in the future, the difficulty that has arisen from this new position is that he must travel two hours a day for work and he often has to stay and work late many nights.

This has meant that I have had to step up--in my role as a parent, as a homemaker, as a wife, as a task-manager...

While I use to spend a large majority of my time making projects, sewing, blogging and decorating; now, I need to play the role of a parent to an overly sugar crazed two-year-old, while also attending to the daily needs of the house.

This means I am often the one taking vehicles to get the oil changed, making sure tires get rotated, running errands for Hunk because he is never home in time, and making sure that everything is completely done so that when John walks in the door we can have a few quality hours minutes together.

I'm not sad or annoyed about how our life has changed, it's just meant that for the time being I have needed to prioritize, and sadly, blogging has been one thing that has suffered because of the change.

Let me emphasize...this post is not a gentle way of saying I'm stopping. Heck no, I've worked way too hard to let this baby go.

What I am saying is that there may be some changes (if you haven't already noticed).

It will mean less giveaways and more day-to-day life posts.

Seriously, I could write three novels on living with Brecken.

So you may see a lot of his face, a lot more of my face (not behind the camera), and a lot more about the fun and new changes that are happening in our life.

(I REALLY want to talk about them now....but I must resist).

So, hold on and stay with us as we still try to transition to this new schedule and lifestyle.



  1. I'm totally with you on this! My hubby has a 3 hour commute every day, and often gets stuck with longer days, so I have to parent the twins and make sure the house is still standing. Its a big juggling act, but once you get into a routine with it all you will be fine. Looking forward to more day to day posts!

  2. I love your post. I am excited about the changes. I am "young" mother (45), and all my kids are out-of-the-house. I love to read about all the things you do and create. I work outside the home and truly enjoy reading what I wish I was doing...what you are doing!!! I have three grandkids - all 4 years old and so I still relate! Thanks for all the fun :)

    Kelly - Battle Creek, Michigan

  3. Amen to all of it - I'm lucky to have The Dad home at six every night, but the pressure to get it all done is still there. I feel ya and I hope you're adapting okay. Nothin' like the month of December to grab ya around the throat and make you feel like you're drowning in to-do's - on top of all the regular day to day. Try not to be too hard on yourself or make your list too long. No one expects as much of us as we do of ourselves.

  4. Hang in there girl! I am right there with you :/

  5. I love your positive attitude through all the changes :)

    Keep your chin up and I'll enjoy any of your post!

  6. Thank you for sharing your feelings and thoughts. I can say, my role has changed to a lot of those feelings, and duties, too. I work full time, we have twins and a 2 year old. My husband is a pastor, and when our church couldn't pay him full time anymore, he started selling cars. So now, he works from 9-7 everyday Monday through Saturday...and then Sundays for church. I can say, I am right there with you :).

  7. Being a wife is hard work...being a parent is harder work...doing both? Wowza, hard stuff :) We will stick around! You hang in there!!!


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