Some days.

posted on: Monday, December 5, 2011

Some days I wish I had a little girl.

Pink. Ruffles. Bow ties. Curly Hair. Accessories. Frills. Glam. Soft whites. Dainty Feet.

But then I remember that while I may not have a girl I have a boy that is o.k. with satisfying his Momma's girl cravings--until his Dad demands that I remove all clips from his hair.


In other great news. Happy December!

I am a little late welcoming in the new month--but we didn't fail in celebrating it!

Hunk cut down a tree (kinda), we went to a Bozeman Christmas Stroll, witnessed the Bobcats win a playoff game, watched an amazing Christmas Devotional by the church, and pulled out all the lights and glitter.

My camera would have also participated if I knew where my battery charger was at....blasted.

We are also on the hunt for (another) Christmas tree tonight. When Hunk cut down the first one it was so cold (-14) that day that as he was dragging it back to the truck the limbs started to snap off.

Charlie Brown is usually the style we go for every year, but I decided that I wanted something a little more perfect (with all branches attached) this year.

So we are going to attempt the Christmas Tree Hunt again tonight. Wish us luck!


  1. Yay for December! It looks like a great month for you :D

    Also you need a niece to play with!

  2. I have two little boys and I often wish I had a little girl too. Then I remember what teenage girls are like and I thank God I have boys. ;)


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