Something on Guarantees

posted on: Monday, October 1, 2012

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Earlier tonight I ran into Brecken's room all Mother Bear like intending to bring the wrath down upon him for still being awake. Instead, I caught him sitting in bed reading a book. Can I really punish a kid who is looking at a book in bed? It's not unusual to find him like this and it's also reassuring as well. Brecken has reached a milestone where there are certain guarantees that come along with his age. 

He's a slobbery kisser. Not the bulldog-kind that licks your face to death. No, he's worse. He's a snot-nosed-need-a-tissue kind of kisser. And let it be known--he likes to kiss me. all. the. time. 

Blue Clues. Oh my holy hell (excuse my french), can I just say baby crack. He could watch it all day. All night. All month. All year! If I let him.

Drawing. We draw a lot. Actually I don't even think that describes how much we draw. Specifically, kites, balloons, helicopters. If I had a nickle...

He's a park goer. Parks are still fun, right?  Slides and swings are great, but an even better game is called "let's see how fast I can run away from Mom." It's his favorite game--and we play it daily.

Inside my child is a Mini-Hulk. He appears sporadically throughout the day; usually around nap time, public outings, photo ops, and bath time. Mini Hulk is strong. So strong in fact, that he has mastered the art of back  flipping out of my arms while simultaneously screaming bloody murder. 

He loves to read or be read to--however, you see it. Dr. Seuss is a favorite in our house. That "doctor" knew his audience well. Job well done Theo, job well done. 

He dances. Little bit of bum shakin' mixed with some Macarena moves. I know ya'll just said, "HEY! Macarena!" Try not to dance. Stop it! Stop it now! ;)

Church. It doesn't matter where we are, when he enters a church building the vocal chords go up a few notches and a monster is born. A true trial of my faith, I tell you. 

...And if Blues Clues was considered baby crack my iPad would certainly the drug of choice. 

When it is all said and done for every crying session there will be an equal number of movie dates with the best cuddling partner a girl could find and laughter that is so contagious that the room glows. And even with all those happy moments I still would not replace any of those snotty nose moments either. Because what Mom ever has a clean shirt anyway? 


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