The tale of a stroller ( a real nail biter)

posted on: Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let me preface by saying this is in no way sponsored post, but rather, this is just one mom speaking to other moms on how her life became a little easier. We could all use that once in awhile, right? With that said let's talk strollers. They're an investment, a small investment if you are the Kourtney Kardashian's of the world, and a big investment if you are saving pennies each month to buy the perfect stroller.

Stroller hunting has been a battle in the Bishop household. Two forces going at each other, one saying a double stroller was necessary for everyone's sanity the other bantering back that a stroller is a want not a need. I am sure you can guess who was on each side of that argument.

When determining what to get a few major factors played a role in making my decision. I wanted a stroller that came with the necessities and wasn't ale carte' in terms of cupholders and a sunshade. I also needed a double jogger that would be adaptable to pavement and gravel--I live in Montana and gravel roads are all over the map. While having a swiveling wheel was most desirable I also needed the flexibility to make the front wheel stationary. I also happen to live in an area that is windy so having the option to tilt the sunshade all the way down was also a vital necessity. Ultimately, I wanted a double stroller that allowed comfort for my children and the ability to get around town with ease without being too hard on my checkbook. In the end I finally settled on the Schwinn Turismo Swivel Double Jogger

 Made of lightweight aluminum this stroller boasts easy handling with the option of pushing it with one hand while talking on the phone (if you do that sort of thing). The swiveling front tire can easily be made stationary by the push of a lever on the handlebar. And speaking of the handlebar, it is adjustable which makes it easy for both John and I to use it, seeing as there is a foot discrepancy in our heights. Each child also has their own sun shade which allows adjustments based on their needs. And if that wasn't enough Schwinn also built two MP3 (or iPhone/iPod) speakers into each sun shade which allows ample volume for the kids to listen to their favorite music. Plush cushioning, adjustable back straps, and reclining seats also provide additional comfort and versatility based on the age and needs of each child.

When it came to the nitty gritty I was also wildly impressed. A spring suspension system allows the stroller to move effortlessly over gravel, and sixteen inch tires provide a smooth ride across pavement as well, pivoting food trays with individual cup holders give each child their own space. Two additional cup holders and a small storage box are also located near the handles of the stroller to provide easy access for Mom and Dad.

Overall, Schwinn has exceeded all my expectations and needs. However, as with most things there were a few small issues. While I love the rims and size of the tires I am not particularly fond of the fact that they are air-filled tires. While rubber filled tires are expensive and frankly not the practical, air-filled tires have the risk of popping. Secondly, the adjustable handlebar is a little shaky. Not so shaky that it risks fall off, but more annoying than anything. With that said, when I run I don't even notice the shake because my weight is bearing down on the handle. Finally, the storage space in the undercarriage is very limited and is often hard to access, but what it misses in that area it definitely makes up for it in all areas of the stroller.

In the end, this stroller is amazing. It can easily be folded up and while it can't fit in the trunk of our Subaru it fits fine in our pickup bed. That being said, while reading some reviews I read that it often was too wide to fit through doorways--I haven't had this issue and it fits through our front door easily. Aesthetically the fabric is clean and crisp, and the additional padding is great for young babies to provide extra protection and comfort. While this stroller may not carry "the name" of other brands it certainly makes up for it with extra bells-and-whistles.

Hope this helps and thanks for stopping in!


  1. We have the schwinn Turismo (single) jogging stroller & LOVE it! I recommend it to everyone I know. Great review :)


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