Crawling baby

posted on: Monday, January 14, 2013

 In a home with little ones, change seems to happen daily--moving, crawling, grabbing and talking. The smallest skill becomes the biggest achievement and is praised for days and days. Just last night little Addy Mae took the plunge and slowly began to crawl. In it's truest form it was more like a morphed army crawl while up on all fours, but she did it! All on her own! Her object of choice (that she just had to possess) was a pile of crayons Brecken had left on the floor. The victory was short lived, as soon as she reached her prize her brother quickly ran to save his beloved crayons before she chewed them to oblivion. Her heart was hurt so he quickly handed her one of her own toys hoping it would serve as a consolation prize. She wasn't impressed. Sensing her disappointment he got down on the floor to demonstrate how to crawl. As he zipped back-and-forth across the living room laughing hysterically her mind quickly forgot about the crayons and she seemed content watching her brother maneuver through the furniture on his hands and knees. It was short lived, however, when she then found his favorite notebook. And the crying began again. 

I have a feeling this may be a foreshadow of their teen years...

By the way, it's -15F here, it's basically warmer in our deep freezer than outside. Here's to happy moments, and temperatures about zero. 

Stay warm, my friends.


  1. Sounds like a great moment! How much older is Brecken? My boys are just over 2.5 years apart and I'm both looking forward to and dreading these interactions! (Your photos are fantastic btw!)

  2. Wow, I was thinkin' our low 30's was cold!
    Is it just me, or is the baby milestone time FLYING faster than normal? Our third will be one on the first of February and it is blowing my friggin' mind. One?! I swear I was just posting baby bump photos. Insane. And sad. It goes way too fast.


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