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posted on: Thursday, January 10, 2013

I finally caved to the world of Downton Abbey yesterday morning. I had attempted it in the past and got bored then someone told me to just get through the first three episodes and then I would be hooked. Save me now. So, while I would like to make my three things about Downton Abbey I'll spare you (for today at least):

one//The Bachelor. *If you don't watch The Bachelor you can skip my tirade. Has this season started off with more awkward moments than normal? Fifty Shades of Grey chick? Wedding dress chick? Chick trying to do back handsprings? A chick named Tiara, really? And hands down the most awkward moment was Arie trying to teach Sean how to kiss? Seriously, watching Arie kiss Emily was like watching a dog drink water. His suggestion was little-to-no tongue--Hello! all he used was tongue. Blehk. Anyway here is a funny Tumblr full of awkward quotes from the show.

two//Ordered the littles some cute stuff from this hip store.  I also ordered myself a tee and I was pleasantly surprised with the length, I usually hate buying cotton jersey because of the shrinkage, but this shirt is long enough if it does shrink up a bit it won't turn into a belly shirt.  

three//Sometimes being a parent is challenging and lonely this blog post was beautifully written and made me realize that we are all awesome no matter how little or how much we do.


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