eight months

posted on: Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Girl,

I know I may sound like broken record when I say this but I can't get enough of you. This month, actually, this week has been huge. Nothing world changing or noteworthy to others, but big for us and even more momentous for you! You nailed this so-called crawling thing like no one's business and then you decided to hold an extra party for yourself and have a teeny-tiny tooth make an appearance. And if that wasn't enough you took a bath, all by yourself--no sling, no rubber floaties, just you! Your brother couldn't handle you having all the fun so he jumped in too, that's when the real fun began. As a grand finale because every baby milestone must have a grand finale you let your Dad and I go on a date. alone. It may have only been for an hour, but those 60 minutes/3600 seconds (do i sound excited?) involved a grown-up conversation, hand holding, eating dinner without sharing, and a whole side of the booth to my lonesome. (Thanks Joel and Kam!). Then two days ago, as serendipitous icing on the cake, your hair finally seemed long enough for me to clip in a bow because we all know how long I've been counting down the days for dainty bows and pigtails.

Month Nine, how will you ever compete with the show that Month Eight put on? If you happen to whip up a good ole' fashion walking routine and drinking for a sippy cup you may have a chance.

I love you small fry. 


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