hey 28.

posted on: Monday, January 21, 2013

To be honest, this birthday has been kind of "meh." Leading up to it I joked with John that my late twenties have been painful reminders of lost youthfulness. Just last week I found a slew of gray hairs. So many in fact that I quickly knew I had lost the battle in trying to pull them out. People, this dark hair and skin doesn't do light. And each morning a new wrinkle appears on a once flawless area of my face. My Grandma jokes that the gray hairs and wrinkles are just signs of wisdom. But at 28 I still fall into that awkward void where I am not young enough to be completely naive and not old enough to be handing out advice like candy.

But in all seriousness, "Where did my twenties go?" At 20 I was in Russia//21 I began dating John//22 I graduated, married and started school again//23 my nose was crammed in books the entire year//24 I graduated with new house and baby in tow//25 settled into the life of a stay at home mom//26 had an ectopic pregnancy//27 had a baby girl, and then "WHAM!" like a kick to the gut 28 jumped out of nowhere. 

Looking back at year 27 there were more ups and downs than years past. And honestly our relationship took the biggest hit. As the age old cliche goes,"opposites attract" well, we ain't no opposites in this house. We go together like salt n' pepper, ying and yang, bacon n' breakfast--and these similarities have created their own set of problems. Between the stubbornness and need to always be right we've learned that forgiveness requires forgetting and loving one another requires teamwork. And if I've learned anything this year it's that all any of us are trying to do is just make the best out of an imperfect world. 

Chalk this up to another year in the books my friends. Let's party, 28.


  1. Happy birthday, Halsey :) Here's to a great year of connection with your hubs (I'm saying that to me too :))

  2. I'll be thirty in March. I'm having a full on breakdown about that!

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