Bath time.

posted on: Friday, January 25, 2013

Each night after John and the kids have gone to bed I get a half-an-hour or so to myself. Most times I can be found catching up on emails, writing blog posts, or folding laundry. no folded pile  is safe from destruction when Brecken is awake.  Tonight was no different then any other night, I sprawled out on the couch purging my SD cards of pictures. Exciting, I know. You should see what type of shenanigans I muster up on a Friday night ;)

Anyway, I found these pictures from a few weeks ago when the kids were behaving long enough for me a snap a few pictures. You wouldn't know it, but bath time in our house is a little crazy--fighting over toys in the tub, splashing fights, squirting water at the mirror, pushing, whining, yahda-yahda. Not to mention the meltdown that usually ensues when it is time to get out of the tub. It's usually one of those experiences that requires a good dose of caffeine to make it through it safely. 

These pictures showed me something different. The little moments of happiness, the squishy cheeks, the and bubbly blue eyes of my babes. Isn't awesome how some of the most special moments are the most ordinary ones? 

Thanks for stopping by. We're off to Wyoming tomorrow, see you on the flip side (that means Monday...)


  1. I love bath time pictures! You're right, there is always a little bit of good in every moment.

  2. There is nothing better than a baby fresh out of the bathtub!


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