Road. trip.

posted on: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nothing says road trip like nineteen hours in a car// looping through three states// stopping for three meals// passing through two national parks// filling up for gas four times// skirting through one Indian Reservation//  feeding the baby in record speed five times// and indulging in an endless supply of Goldfish and Blues Clues all in a span of three days with a toddler+baby.

This weekend was one for the books if I do say so myself. The kids powered through the drive like champs, while John and I managed to go an entire drive (all 19 hours and counting) without so much as a bickering remark. I give credit to the awe-inspiring landscape on our drive. Have you ever been to Jackson Hole? In the winter? Or, Grand Teton National Park? Or, a little town in Wyoming call Dubois? 

Pictures wouldn't do justice, my friends.

Our little minds were blown away by the natural beauty and the complete transformation from one place to the next. Jackson, with it's souring peaks and picturesque snow-blanketed pine trees, to the 10,000 ft elevation of the Grand Tetons with it's natural ruggedness was a site that all should experience.  And just like that we were down in the rolling red rock of Wyoming's plains that seemed to resemble the landscape of Central Utah. 

Picture after picture was taken to try to capture the beauty set before us, but as with most things that words can't quite explain, pictures couldn't fully portray the immense beauty and grandeur. If by happen stance you're ever in Western to Montana and headed to Wyoming, take a little detour
{Ashton//Driggs//Jackson Hole//Grand Teton National Park//Dubois} I promise you won't be disappointed.

And as many of our friend's suggested make sure to hit up Merry Piglets in Jackson for amazing Mexican Food. On our way home we also stopped to eat at our all time/in the world of time/most favorite restaurant ever-- the Rib n' Chop House in Livingston, MT.  Now, I am craving a steak. at eight in the a.m. Gah!

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