posted on: Monday, February 18, 2013

This cool cat turned 29 yesterday. I've been with him through the majority of his twenties, a feat that his sisters would call a miracle. :) No matter what the case is, I'm so glad he's mine. He's deeply loyal--so much in fact that even if I'm set out to fail he still steps up to bat for me. He's kind of sweet that way.  He's strong and steadfast and has somehow been our rock during our hardest times. Even during the happy moments he's always carefree and has this witty sort of sense of humor that turns me into an obnoxious school girl per se (sad, but true). And if that weren't enough, he's an amazing Dad--gentle with Addy Mae and playful with Brecken. He takes his role of Dad seriously, and is there really anything sweeter than a man in love with his babes? I think not.

The laundry list is long and I could go on for days. And yet, somewhere between work, laundry, diaper changes, and kid wrestling he still find time to flirt with me every now and then (because let's be honest, that's really all a girl wants anyway)...

 Happy {late} Birthday, 29 never looked so good.


  1. LOL on my second to last post, I said the same thing about MY hubby with our kids - is there anything better? I think not!

    Happy birthday to John - may the flirting continue :) :)

  2. I agree. Nothing more attractive than a man loving on your babies. =]


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