posted on: Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is there anything sweeter than a old couple still in love? Perhaps it's their delicate care for each other or their symbiotic mannerisms that show years of togetherness that make old love so beautiful. Either way, the act of growing old together pulls at my deepest heart strings. My Grandparents have molded this vision by proving that although their love story wasn't always perfect it only fueled the passion that love can triumph. High five, Grandparents!  

I remember in college a brief moment of clarity about joyful love that happened while visiting my grandparents. My Grandpa had just gotten back from golfing or playing in the garage (the details are fuzzy) and my Grandma was meandering around in the kitchen preparing dinner. Meanwhile, my sisters and I had made ourselves permanent fixtures on the couch while watching Friends. Ross and Rachel were talking about wearing silky pajamas, an innuendo about sex I suppose was the brunt of the joke.  Then out of the blue my Grandma nonchalantly remarked, "When I wear silky pajamas your Grandpa chases me around the house too."  

ew. (but cute, only because it came straight from the mouth of my sweet little Grammy). 

Shocked and a bit taken back by her remarks we scoffed as they both laughed at their inside joke. Though not out of the ordinary for them to throw out such remarks because if you knew them then you'd know that inappropriate jokes, flirtatious kisses, love letters written on post-it notes, and the occasional butt pinch were commonplace in their house. This playful banter was part of them until the day my Grandpa died. I look at their story and find solace that their love was bigger then themselves, they had to trudge through the rough times to only come out stronger on top. They found perfection in the other's faults and maybe just maybe found the meaning of endearing love. 

I hope someday that John and I can find that same rhythm to life and if that doesn't happen there's to always hoping that he will chase me around the house when I'm 75 years old... 

Wherever you may be today, I hope you find a little love in your life as well. Happy Happy Valentine's Day.

xoxo, Halsey


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