bang. bang. bang.

posted on: Tuesday, November 12, 2013

 Lemme just tell you that my hair really should have a blog of it's own for how much it's discussed, or at least have it's own name because it sure has it's own personality.

I always wanted long flowing hair, like the kind of hair that other people would swoon over. Rapunzel-like hair seemed a bit ridiculous so my eyes were always drawn to a Kate Beckinsale meets Blake Lively style which seemed to fit my fancy.  I don't have a lot of things going for me in life, I'm short with wide shoulders so being a model was never in my book, but my hair, it was made for great things. I've always had volume (and lots of it) and curly hair AND if you could have seen it in it's prime it was so thick and lush (not sure it's the right word to describe it). So naturally, I was set up to do down right amazing things with my hair!

Then my story took a turn when I had kids and the curliness became unruly and the long beautiful locks because straggly with patches of thinness and I began to rapidly produce unruly little one-inch hairs that never seemed to go away (or grow). So I toughed it out for a few years thinking my hair would eventually return to it's once stellar grandeur. But alas and as most sad stories tend to didn't. Insert: tears.

 Anyway, five inches later and a full set of Zooey Deschenal bangs, yes baaaarngs, I am finally getting accustomed to my new style. I was a basket case for a few days with a mild case of cutter's remorse and a whole lot of guilt for chopping what little (and did I mention slow-to-grow) length I once had, but I did it and as the old saying goes "there was no turning back."

And if my own reaction wasn't enough to cause me fits at first it was John's reaction that sent me over the edge. Why are guys so bad at hiding their horror? seriously. I'm sure the ombre' took him for a loop, but his dissatisfaction in the bangs seemed to be the hot topic at the dinner table for oh' lets say seven days. He's adjusting now, except for those rare exceptions in the morning where I look like the love child of Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice. Again, my hair has it's own personality.

So that's it, the bangs are here to stay and I'm beginning to transition the way I wear hats, and headbands, AND beanies, and I've even learned to use bobby pins again. And I'm kinda starting to like them.

Your thoughts? On bangs of course. yay? nay? And I guess ombre'. What's your thoughts on that look too?


  1. Halsey! I love the bangs but I'm not in love with the ombre. I LOVE the "natural" colour of your hair so much :)

    yes, men are bad at faking the surprised face!

  2. I like the bangs; I think they make you look a little bit older. The ombre trend, I'm not a huge fan of on anyone really, but that's just my opinion :) For what it's worth, the first picture on Facebook that you posted, Pat said "Halsey really changed her hair...I like it!"

  3. I think the bangs are great, I too am not a huge fan of the ombre hair color, it reminds me of high school when a girl would color her hair, and then a year later it looked like that lol. however if YOU like it then YOU rock it!!!

  4. I think the bangs look adorable on you, and I actually like the ombre. I think you look puuuurrrrddyyyyy.


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