the one about wild game

posted on: Monday, November 11, 2013

Growing up my family moved quite a bit, I guess not as much as some other kids I knew but enough that the thought of  new schools and friends were always on my mind (yay for fresh starts!). One thing always remained the same wherever we went was the quintessential small town vibe. You know the kind of town with  the main street had  no stoplights and the grocery store was a bustling parking lot of running cars with their keys in the ignition and no drivers to be found.

Ennis is  no different and I wish for one day I could bring you all here. There are so many little events that happen in this quiet little town that make me want to finally give my kids roots of their own.  If you're a Gilmore Girls fan it's kind of like Stars Hollow with bustling a diner and colorful characters and enough drama to fill seven seasons of television ;)

 In late October, right before the opening day of hunting season the downtown businesses hold an annual event called the Hunter's Feed. The sidewalks lining main street become  inundated with eager crowds patiently waiting to try unique culinary works of genius made exclusively made with wild game (insert: kick ass elk brownies). It's a last hoorah before the blustery months of snow and wind, making it almost impossible to stay outside for extended periods of time, so  naturally it's a very popular event.

But it's not for the faint of heart, favorite's of the night included chunky trout chowder, fried antelope ravioli, and jalapeno and bacon wrapped duck and about twenty different concoctions of wild game chili give or take a few...

Stop cringing, the elk brownies were deceivingly tasty ;)


  1. I'm from Great Falls and every time I read your posts about your town I feel the need to visit it. Especially since you just matched it with Stars Hollow. It sounds amazing and just what I would love for my girls.

    1. You're from Great Falls? Well then you should definitely come to Ennis. It's do fun especially if you go to Virginia City.

  2. I love how cute Ennis is...I've never stopped there for any amount of time, but I always loved driving through it. These elk brownies sound interesting!!


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