9 months.

posted on: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I can't remember all the details of pregnancy, what I do recollect is the slowness of time. Days seemed like weeks and milestones for each prenatal stage followed suit and bordered on the lines of eternity. eternity, I tell ya! And yet it seems so surreal that the last nine months have gone by so quickly. It's still not clear to me on why time has seemed to glide by with such ease since your birth--maybe it's your gentle mannerisms that make raising you so easy or your brother's playful connection to your every move. Honestly, a small part of me believes that not having to fight with my body for space within my own skin has made this time more enjoyable as well. come on, somebody agree with me?

Oh Addy, what a joy you are. I've joked that you've become my fifth appendage because if you aren't attached to me you certainly want to be. It's a love/hate relationship with the whole nursing thing. But alas it has proven to be the long lost connection I never had with your brother. Unlike him, your birth was timely; without incident or the frightfulness of losing you. Born healthy and on time culminated into one happy baby--willing to sleep through the night, prone to only cry during diaper changes and a natural at eating (and holy batman you can eat, and I can produce. around here I'm a milk makin' factory). Unlike your easiness, raising your brother was hard--maybe the hardest obstacle I've encountered. It's not his fault though, we were new parents, naive to the world of late night feedings and completely out of our element about the needs and demands of a preemie, it was the epitome of "baptism by fire." Your easiness on the other hand can presumably be attributed to already knowing the ropes of this crazy parenting business (seriously, somebody write a book about naive first parents ;)). 

This is not to say there aren't days when I throw my hands in the air and scream "I've had it! Two is enough!" or nights when I lay in bed listening to both of you crying wondering where is the closest hole I can disappear into for a few hours. But then each morning without fail your two-teeth smile peeks out from your crib and I know that the moments of loneliness and frustration are small snippets in time compared to the joy of watching you grow. And growing you are! Two teeth and counting. And if that weren't enough those little feet of yours are being to dabble with the idea of standing. You're still a bit wobbly and out of your element, but I sense the days of crawling may be gone soon. Maybe the greatest change is your sense of curiosity  You reach out for food during meal time, steal your brothers toys when he's not looking, and have found a new fascination for the toilet. Got to nip that in the bud quick, folks!

Your sweet smile, your chewy chubby legs, the smell of your hair, and your dainty fingers that play with my face while you nurse make loving you so easy. Happy nine months baby girl, you are loved! 

xoxo, Momma


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